‘It takes curiosity and a little bit of courage to explore new possibilities’

I’m currently a UKCP trainee therapist, working towards a clinical diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy.

Why ‘integrative’?

At the heart of ‘integrative’ therapy, is an acknowledgement that everyone’s experience is unique.

With this as a starting point, I provide a supportive and confidential space to talk and be heard. And whilst I may draw on different psychotherapeutic modalities, including problem solving and mindfulness, my way of working is tailored to each person.

‘Change’ is often a reason people decide to do therapy and together we can explore what this means to you.

An outcome of our work together can be a sense of autonomy and a greater understanding of why you respond the way you do to different situations.

Ultimately, integrative therapy nurtures meaningful choice … self-knowledge … and acceptance.

I’ve worked in the commercial and creative sector for over 20 years and I’m committed to creative diversity and mental health awareness within this profession.

The official bit:

I carry full professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

I’m registered with the following professional organisations: UKCP

I accept and follow the principles set out in the Code of Ethics and Conduct of the UKCP.